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Scenthound Wellington
13860 Wellington Trace 37
WellingtonFL 33414
 (561) 469-2186
Snuggle up to a clean, healthy pup.$15 first-time grooming package
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A clean, healthy pup.

Monthly grooming is critical for dogs to stay clean, comfortable and healthy.

It’s easier on your dog.

A monthly routine breeds familiarity with the process, the facility and the staff which greatly improves a dog’s comfort and experience.

One less thing to worry about.

We handle your dog’s monthly maintenance so you don’t have to think about it. Sounds awesome, right?

$15 Trial Offer

Pet Groomer in Wellington, FL

Why does my dog need routine pet grooming?

Routine grooming is an essential component to the preservation of your dog’s health over the long run. Regularly bathing and brushing your pet removes dirt, dead hair, and dandruff from building up to keep them clean and healthy.

Having a groomer check your pet routinely also allows us to catch any abnormalities before they get too serious. This includes ticks, fleas, dry patches, and any other issues that tend to take place at times in a dog’s life. We’ll catch the problem early so you can get it treated as needed.

Get The Best Deal With Pet Grooming Memberships

Getting a monthly membership with Scenthound Wellington is a great way to save on pet grooming services and improve your pup’s quality of life. When getting a clean becomes routine, your pup becomes more familiar with the process and a whole lot more comfortable. Not only that, it takes one thing off of your busy schedule!

Membership Details

On top of receiving routine cleanings, all members receive a 25% discount on all additional services. With no contracts or long-term commitments, you’re welcome to renew with us or stop any time if you provide us with a 30-day cancellation notice!

Get our signature service, The B/E/N/T, for $15 as a new client by requesting one today!

Sign up for your $15 first-time grooming package!

Sign up for your $15 first-time grooming package!

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Business Hours:

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